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The TRUANT Società Semplice Agricola was founded on 17 June 2015 by the brothers Marco Truant, Matteo Truant and Paolo Truant in San Daniele del Friuli.


It is a young company that operates in the wine sector, in fact includes the entire production cycle from vine to wine, from the production of certified grafted grapevines of national and international varieties obtained from grafting of rootstocks and buds of own production to the production of DOC and IGT wines of the main native and international varieties.


The main objective of the TRUANT Società Semplice Agricola is to serve its customers with seriousness, professionalism and efficiency, personally following the relationship with them, providing technical and agronomic advice for the design of the new vineyards. Another fundamental objective is the valorization of the territory through the quality of its wines, obtained with continuous and constant research, in full respect of the environment and sustainability.




The TRUANT Società Semplice Agricola is known for its high specialization in the production of selected and certified grafted grapevines.


Following the most modern nursery techniques, the company is equipped with state of the art infrastructure, equipment and technology, which combined with the utmost attention and expertise, allow to guarantee a production of the highest quality. The grafted grapevines are produced exclusively from buds and rootstock cuttings taken from their basic category mother plants per certificate.


This material is genetic - superior, strong and resistant, having the maximum adaptability to environmental and soil conditions, fruit of the direct collaboration with the most important Italian and foreign winegrowing Institutes.

Historical and fruitful collaboration with the Experimental Institute of Geisenhem, which led to the creation and recording of many TRUANT clones for some of the most important international varieties.


The TRUANT grafted grapevines have distinguished themselves nationally and internationally and have acquired a reputation which is a direct consequence of its high degree of reliability, thanks to a strong and branched radical apparatus, of a balance grafting point and a well developed branch, which together with a careful conservation of the material in controlled temperature environments allows to maintain intact the vegetative energy until delivery for the plant in the vineyard.


Our company has an organizational structure such that the service offered does not end with the delivery of the grafted grapevines but also includes assistance in the design of the new vineyard through tips on the varietal choice and of rootstock according to customer needs.


Technical assistance is also essential in the pre and post implantation phases in which by means of visits in the vineyard it is possible to verify the good rooting of the same and give useful advice for the correct management of the plant.


We also offer the possibility to multiply biotypes and selections indigenous to order, using the rootstock desired by the client and thus maintaining the safeguard.


All this makes the TRUANT Società Semplice Agricola a leading company in the sector able to make a contribution to the whole field, to realize any wine project you want.




The TRUANT Società Semplice Agricola is the first winery in San Daniele del Friuli.


The birth of the brand TRUANT dates back to 2015, the year in which were formed the first vineyards articulated along the scenic road that accompanies to the suggestive landscape of the city of San Daniele del Friuli.


Right from the beginning there is a growing conviction that the area, still unknown in the Italian wine scene, is highly suited to the production of quality wines, and that you can best express the characteristics of the terroir and the indigenous and international varieties cultivated.


The passion, care and attention during all the production phases make that the grapes produced, obtained exclusively from the vineyards owned, maximize their characteristics.


The company is equipped with innovative technological equipment that combined with the values of tradition, the maniacal attention to quality and respect for and enhancement of the surrounding environment, distinguish the TRUANT Società Semplice Agricola as a modern and sustainable winery.


The range of wines produced is wide and includes: sparkling wines, international wines and native wines.


For the satisfaction of its customers, the TRUANT Società Semplice Agricola has always been committed to ensuring high quality standards, listening to requests that can promote an improvement in the quality of the products and services offered.


For this reason, it manages its quality research activity using the support of agronomists and oenologists of proven experience, creating a path whose result is the safety of being able to offer wines characterized by high organoleptic qualities.


Innovation, strategic marketing and expansion to new markets. These are the key points of the TRUANT Società Semplice Agricola, which exports its wines to the world, with an ever-growing trend, always guaranteeing the highest quality and maintaining a rigorous service to the customer.

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