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Ecological Aspects

Environmental ecosustainability is for the TRUANT Società Semplice Agricola the starting point of a process that unites producers and consumers and that focuses on the uniqueness of each wine as a representation of the territory.
The extraordinary natural conditions of the territory of San Daniele del Friuli, known for its light but constant ventilation, allow a significant reduction in agronomic costs, facilitating the adoption of suitable and respectful technical solutions for environment.
The main solutions adopted by the TRUANT Società Semplice Agricola in this regard are:

Reduction of phytosanitary treatments: thanks to the microclimate of the San Daniele area which with its constant air allows to have the leaves of the vine always dry thus lowering the possibility of exposure of the plant to fungal diseases. Another aspect is the use of modern sprayers to recover product thanks to which it is possible to reduce up to 50% the amount of substances used for treatments in vineyards and to contain and definitively eliminate the phenomenon of drift.


Elimination of chemical herbicides: through the use of state of the art equipment that allows the removal of weeds and an excellent surface processing of the inter-row that allows a ventilation of the soil.


Artificial grassing of the soil: selecting the least competitive variety of grass for the vine, with the least possible development in height and more suitable to the soil type. The benefits obtained are numerous as the production of better quality grapes, the reduction of rottenness and botrite as well as the greater ease of transability of the vineyard both on foot and by mechanical means.


The consumer must therefore be involved, with his choices, in the defence and enhancement of the principles that guide a sustainable commitment, through information and knowledge.


Living in a natural and sustainable environment is a condition we do not want to give up.

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