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San Daniele del Friuli

Nestled on a hill, San Daniele del Friuli is the heart of the Friuli Collinare, from here you can enjoy endless views: the gentle stretches of hills and a short distance from the clear waters of the river Tagliamento.

It is considered one of the pearls of Friuli Venezia Giulia, known worldwide for the production of the raw ham of San Daniele, the result of a millenary tradition and a unique microclimate, the territory enjoys in fact a particular air that gives to the hams a unique and unmistakable flavor.

The city is located in an extraordinary and fascinating position not only for the nature but also for the history of the places that surround it, it is known for its various artistic treasures: the 18th century Cathedral and the frescoes of the former Church of Sant'Antonio Abate represent the most beautiful Renaissance cycle in the region. It is also home to one of the most prestigious libraries in Italy and the oldest in Friuli Venezia Giulia: the Guarnerian Library. All this has earned San Daniele the nickname of "little Siena of Friuli".


Thanks to its temperate and particularly pleasant microclimate in every season, San Daniele del Friuli has become a destination for many tourists.

Aria di Festa, a historic food and wine kermesse held at the end of June, is the ideal time to discover the flavor of the ham of San Daniele. A sparkling feast in the name of good mood and typical flavors, with guided tours to the ham factories.