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616 LimeBrut

It is a wine produced from grapes 100% Chardonnay 616 with aftertaste of Lemon.


This sparkling wine is made from grafted grapevines of its own production, grown in GUYOT in San Daniele del Friuli.


Its main characteristic is the ability to express an exclusive Lemon aroma, the result of the latest research and selections on primary material of the Chardonnay variety, carried out by the Experimental Institute of Viticulture in Geisenheim (D).


Currently in Italy we are the first to have in cultivation this new selection of Chardonnay, with aftertaste of Lemon.


Being a limited edition, produced only by us in Italy, the bottle is satin-finished with a screen printed glass label. This decoration technique called CMCV intervenes at the structural level of the glass. No paints are used but the bottles are stained with glass powders, which by merging become an integral part of the bottles.


Straw yellow



Elegant, fine, delicate with fruity aromas of lemon zest and tangerine, characteristic of Chardonnay clone GM 616



Fresh, soft and balanced. Pleasant aftertaste that reminds the lemon and leaves the palate fresh and with very pleasant sparkling effect


Alcohol content

11 % vol.


Serving temperature

7/8 °C

Each / Including VAT 9.00
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